Franck Provost

Over the years, millions of women from all over the world have visited my salons. From this truly unique experience, I have gathered an intimate knowledge of what makes hair so difficult to style for women every morning. A healthy hair is so much easier to style whether you are a professional stylist or getting ready for work early morning at home. I wanted this expertise to be at the heart of my professional haircare range  -  FRANCK PROVOST



“ Discover the Magic of Oils. A unique blend of silicon-free oils that strengthens hair from the inside out. The oils of macadamia, avocado and grape seeds combine for an intensive nourishment and protection “  Franck Provost

Macadamia oil: Renowned for its nourishing and revitalizing properties, this dry oil deeply repairs the hair fibre
Avocado oil : Rich in Omega 3, adds bounce, radiance and shine
Grape seed oil: Adds softness and brilliance to hair with to its restorative and hydrating properties.

“ Breathe a New Life…. A tailor made range based on the dynamic trio of keratine, creatine and jojoba oil that rebuilds and strengthens the hair fibre. The protective film it creates also adds body and volume “ Franck  Provost


Keratin: Repairs and smooths hair fibres damaged by repeated chemical processing
Creatine: Adds body, tone and bounce 

Jojoba oil: With its anti-seborreic properties, it prevents hair from becoming greasy. As an emolient, also repairs damaged hair and adds elasticity and softness
UV filters: Protects from the effects of the sun

“ It’s all About Color !
A last generation haircolor protection technology that combines natural anti-oxidant ingredients for longer lasting color and maximum shine “


Marine collagen: Packed with moisturizing and restorative elements, Its filmogenic property binds to the keratin of the hair fiber helping color last longer
Goji berry: A natural anti-oxidant, helps protect hair from external aggressions and color fading
Green tea: A natural barrier that protects hair fiber from free radicals (oxidation, pollution…)
UV filters: Protect from the effects of the sun


“ Volume XXL !  A volumizing haircare range to infuse hair with body and fulness. The combined action of wheat proteins, sage and rosemary gives strength to the hair fiber without weighing it down. “  Franck  Provost


Sage: improves circulation to the scalp, providing more nutrition to the hair follicles and revitalizing the hair fiber
Rosemary: Naturally helps prevent hair loss while stimulating growth and adding brilliance