All our brands enjoy significant share of shelf, with planogram driven approach to merchandising. The brand team works closely with the Key account managers and merchandisers to develop and execute high visibility displays and an in-store execution that meets global templates.

These include sampling, tasting, offers, buddle packs and co-promotions, tailor made to meet brand objectives and sales expectation, creating value for the end consumer, the customer and the brand.

- Continuous presence of the merchandiser at an outlet; 
- complete control of existence and timely replenishment of goods on trade racks; 
- Optimization of work of the expert thanks to lack of need to move during the day from a point to a point; 
- Possibility of direct influence on consumer activity in certain hours, thanks to the additional calculation in "hot hours"; 
- Timely replenishment of stocks on the shelf; 
- Possibility of continuous monitoring of consumer activity in relation to each type of goods; 
- Full reporting on work in an outlet.
- Distribution of samples,
- Special price offers.